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Here are 2 photos of the mold I made using a toy Pikachu (It was hollow so it floated up…):

Face-Up                                                                  Face-Down

The Pikachu! (Looks like there’s salt sprinkled over it due to the bubbles in the mold…)

A fish which I made (The most failed one… Cracks and overflow…):

Best product of the day… THE RABBIT!!!

I shall not post the pictures of the two plastic souvenirs which I took from Ms Kong cuz I’m too lazy to xP

Tried unraveling my roll of nylon string today and it failed terribly… Broke into hundreds of tiny pieces… Here’s a photo of the strings without the hundreds of pieces of crumbs…:Nylon strings which broke during the unraveling

Lab-made Nylon String

Adrian and I had to change our polymer chemistry lesson from next week to this week as I cant make it next week due to some CCA commitments… And we made our own nylon string during the practical!

Here is a photo of the nylon string that I made (It’s in a roll):

I will have to unravel it somehow by Friday x.X as Ms Kong wants us to attach a piece of it in our lab report. GG for me cuz mine is so long…

I had just bought new bermudas from the so-called ‘In Trend Uniforms’ at the start of this year. And guess what. The button on the bottom right pocket broke yesterday without me doing anything to it during script checking. And today, The button on the right sight which tightens the waist area of the bermudas just cracked when I reached home. Luckily it didn’t crack at school, as it’s really too big.

Now for the grades. 36/50 for geog. Much lower than my expectations. Couldn’t really be helped though I could have gotten 3 more marks and gotten an A-. Got 59.5/80 for chem. Kind of like much better than I expected. Except I missed A- by 0.5 marks. Screw. Chinese was the best. Paper 1 got 54.5/70 but paper 2 got 58/70. Total 112.5/140. Just nice A. ~80.4%. Tied with Adrian and Jean…

Lols so it was horrible. my maths got 43/62. 69.3%! Dang I only need 1/2 more mark to get 70%!!! And for that question which asked for the range of P(x), I only sketched the graph. Minus one mark for that. DANG! B+ flew away… English… zzZ… 30/50. 60% only. 10/25 for compre, 20/25 for summary. Summary got 14 for content. Highest I have ever gotten I think. Bio. 62.5/80. Everything almost full marks in Section B. Except my essay questions. 8 mark question I got 4. 6 mark question I got 1… Died cuz of that lor. 78+%…  Physics. Surprised myself. Section B got 52/60. Bonus question – not attempted. But MCQ I got 28/40 only. 2 of them I left blank. Ends up as 80%. So all the subjects which  thought were going to be good were not that good. Worse even. Like ENGLISH. And those I thought would fail, like physics. Got A. How screwed is that? And also because my calc was in radian mode throughout the whole paper until I reached the last Section B question, not the bonus, and I started changing everything. Changed until the time is up. And one of the MCQ questions I left blank was because my answer was not in the choices… FAIL

Finally got to printing out some music pieces from The Secret. Super duper nice!!! But dang one of the nicest piece need duet. Solo cant play… Sianzzz…

Ok… Failed planning. Class outing tmr scrapped AGAIN. It was supposed to be today. Then postponed to tomorrow. Then postponed again to after script checking or something… Haiz…

o92o4 FTW!!!

Zzz my hair is STILL standing up in the SAME POSITION WTF??? zzZ My mum must have cut it too short or something… It has been 18hrs since they stood up and I’m still counting…


Since Thursday is a script checking day and I figured that we might be going out after that, I decided to go for the NCC CIP Tutoring today. Unluckily for me, it started RAINING after I got off the train at Bukit Batok MRT Station. It rained EVERY SINGLE TIME I went there to do CIP Tutoring WTH!!! What was more maddening is that there was supposed to be no CIP on this Thursday in the first place, so basically I went there today for NOTHING. And there isn’t CIP Tutoring on next Monday. However, there’s CIP Tutoring next THURSDAY! HELL!!! So basically I went for one more session than everybody else… Sadly I’m not that enthusiastic about CIP hours as Eric… AND I COULDN’T MAKE MY HAIR LIE FLAT FOR 2.5hrs straight even AFTER combing my hair with WATER at 3:30pm and having Zhi Yuan squirt water on my hand before I splashed it on my hair 2.5 hrs later… GRAHS…